July 14,2017

Collaborating with Izmir Sports Clubs Association (IZVAK), Folkart funded Izmir sports clubs for a total of 1,543,000 Turkish lira. Izmir sports clubs and Folkart thus exhibited their confidence in unity and solidarity.

A visit of gratitude from Izmir's sports clubs to Folkart that made significant contributions to the Turkish football with its “Corporate Social Responsibility” vision.

Funds of 1.5 Million TL to Seven Teams

Folkart sponsored the football branches of seven sports clubs in Izmir competing in the leagues of the Turkish Football Federation, with a total of 1,534,000 Turkish lira, and welcomed the chairmen of these clubs in their visit of gratitude. IZVAK Chairman Ali Erten, Altay Chairman Özgür Ekmekçioğlu, Karşıyaka Chairman Mutlu Altuğ, Bucaspor Chairman Ahmet Doğan, Bergama Belediyespor Chairman Süleyman Türkoğlu, Tire 1922 Vice President Faik Sarayköylü, and Izmirspor Chairman Mustafa Gürkan participated in the visit. Ali Erten and the club chairmen expressed their gratitude to Folkart Chairman Mesut Sancak for his support.

As part of the program supporting Izmir's football clubs organized by IZVAK, the front of the football teams' shirts will bear the “FOLKART” logo. Through sponsorship, Folkart paid 295,000 Turkish lira each to Altay, Karşıyaka, Bucaspor, and Menemen Belediyespor, 141,600 Turkish lira to Bergama Belediyespor and Tire 1922, and 70,800 Turkish lira to Izmirspor. Folkart thus funded seven football teams for a total of 1,534,000 Turkish lira including VAT.

An Example of Unity and Solidarity

During the visit, IZVAK Chairman Ali Erten and the clubs' chairmen expressed their gratitude to Folkart Chairman Mesut Sancak. IZVAK Chairman Ali Erten said that following the establishment of the support to the clubs project, the first institution they applied to was FOLKART, and that Mesut Sancak gave his positive response immediately. Erten added,

“As a result of IZVAK's efforts to find financial resources for our clubs, the “Folkart” logo will be on the shirts of seven Izmir teams throughout the 2017-2018 football season. We are extremely happy about this. We think that it is very befitting and meaningful for our clubs to play under a common sponsorship. We believe in the power of unity and solidarity. In the name of our clubs, I would like to thank our common shirt sponsor Folkart and the esteemed Mesut Sancak for their support. I hope that this collaboration will be beneficial for both sides, and that it will continue to grow in the coming years.”

Sancak: “Not a favor but a sense of duty”

Folkart Chairman Mesut Sancak stated that they have implemented 13 individual projects with a total investment value of 4.36 billion Turkish lira in Izmir and Çeşme, because they believe in the bright future of Izmir. Sancak said that the development of Izmir's economy requires much more than these and similar investments, and that this is why they support the culture, arts, and sports scenes in Izmir. Mesut Sancak mentioned that Folkart earns revenue in Izmir, and that they consider sharing their income with the city not as a favor but as their duty. Sancak added that they have sponsored and funded a multitude of fields including establishing Folkart Gallery and Folkart Academy, and sponsoring the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra, and that they have previously supported football teams such as Göztepe, Karşıyaka, Altay, and Altınordu.

A Picture of Shared Joy

Mesut Sancak said,
At Folkart, we decided to support Izmir's football teams once again, as in previous years, under the roof of shared joys. This year, we aimed to give our support to all teams of Izmir equally and according to competition categories by advertising on their shirts. In collaboration with IZVAK, we negotiated with our clubs. As a result of our meetings, we cut a shirt sponsorship deal with Altay, Karşıyaka, Buca, Menemen, Bergama, Tire, and Izmirspor for one year.” Sancak mentioned that in accordance with their vision, they made an offer to Göztepe, which will represent Izmir in the Süper Lig next season, and continued“we offered Göztepe 2,655,000 Turkish lira (2.250 million Turkish lira plus VAT) in return for shirt sponsorship. After Göztepe, we made an offer to Altınordu for an annual figure of 826,000 Turkish lira (700,000 Turkish lira plus VAT). We couldn't reach an agreement with either of the teams. We thanked Göztepe and Altınordu, and wished them the best.”

The “Izmir” Brand in Football

Mesut Sancak asserted that sponsoring Altay, Karşıyaka, Buca, Menemen, Bergama, Tire, and Izmirspor is a source of pride for Folkart, and added

“Folkart is utterly content from supporting these seven established clubs of Izmir, through a sense of solidarity. The expression "established" makes sense when you consider how old these clubs are. Karşıyaka was established in 1912, Altay in 1914, Izmirspor in 1923, and Buca in 1928. Though with different names, the foundation of Bergama dates back to 1925, Menemen to 1942, and Tire to 1970. The fact that the history of football as a sport goes back to 1848 makes us understand how significant those figures are. The first football match in Turkey was played 127 years ago in Izmir, in 1890. I believe that this beautiful city should have a much better place as the "Izmir" brand in football, and we will continue our supportive efforts accordingly.”

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