October 3,2016

The “Real Estate Stars” awards organized by the Capital and the Economist magazines last week brought together the leaders of the industry. Metin Sancak, Chairman of Folkart, a “Top Ten Real Estate Company,” received an award on its behalf for being one of the top ten “Companies with the Highest Turnovers in 2015.” Sancak shared Folkart’s projects with the audience and expressed the company’s pride in being considered worthy of such an award. He remarked, “We are taking firm steps towards becoming the biggest Izmir-based construction company in Turkey. So far, we have invested 2 billion Turkish lira in Izmir. In the near future, we will carry out the projects that are currently in the planning stage as well as the 11 different schemes now under construction, worth 5 billion Turkish lira in total. Moreover, we plan to invest not only in Izmir but also in Bursa, Aydın, Manisa and, notably, in Istanbul. In the coming five years, we will progress towards achieving our ultimate goal, which is, to become Turkey’s largest construction company.”

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