June 21, 2016

Folkart Gallery’s free painting course has just begun. This course, intended for children, is organized every year. In its first year the course had a maximum limit of 100 participants but due to tremendous interest, the number of participants has been increased this year. Indeed, courses started last Monday with 205 attendees.
Folkart Gallery continues to support talented kids to become the artists of the future. The painting course, which welcomed its first students between the ages of 5 and 10 last year, has also received a great deal of attention this year. Indeed, 205 junior students began the course on June 20 and will finish on August 19. All of the training materials will be provided by Folkart Gallery in this free course.

The young course participants at Folkart Gallery will learn painting techniques while joining various events. The little painters will learn about painting under the mentorship of painter Hale Gökalpsezer from Izmir, as well as two other instructors. They will also attend discussions with famous guests, and visual presentations and dramas. A variety of other events, such as reading and story-telling, will be offered throughout the course.

The course is organized under the theme of “our paintings tell a tale”, intended to improve the children’s emotional sides. Professional painting instructors will also tell tales during this course. Children will feel empathy with these tales, explore their feelings, question life, and fill their lively worlds with color. The little students will learn how to make observations, discover, and draw on paper and other materials. They will also endeavor to make figures using play-dough as they wish, while working with crayons, acrylic paints, and water colors.

Mesut Sancak, Chairman of Folkart, emphasized that Folkart Gallery cannot be seen only as an exhibition area. He added, “When planning Folkart Gallery, we actually wanted to include workshops and courses where arts education will be provided. We aspired to continue to benefit Izmir with these art courses, in addition to exhibitions. Last year, we arranged a painting course intended for children for this purpose. We increased the number of participants from 100 to 150 due to huge interest. We still received a torrent of applications. And so we again increased the number of participants, to 200. In the end, 205 young participants were enrolled. We even have a very crowded waiting list”.

Sancak explained that they organized this course in line with corporate social responsibility projects without expecting anything in return. He also added, “Our goal is to unveil generations who will set light to the future of the country and our city. We want to make this possible with parents as well. The interest shown by the parents makes us happy. This once again proves that we are on the right track”.

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