September 27,2016

We are supporting another fresh project as a reflection of our strong commitment to environmental issues. We once again prove our environmental awareness with our sponsorship of the "Declaration of Ildır Bay as a Specially Protected Environment Area" project. Journalist Erol Yaraş was the mastermind behind this project, helping also bring attention to Çeşme becoming a town to be lived year-round, not just in the summer. As part of the project, Ildır Bay will initially be declared a Specially Protected Natural Area. Then the legislation currently in effect will be analyzed before beginning new legislation studies from scratch. The necessary legal permissions will be obtained. In line with the scientific reports, artificial structures will be submerged to promote marine life in pre-designated locations. The number of aquatic creatures will rise thanks to the artificial reefs intended as housing for the fish. All sorts of commercial hunting, including trawling, which destroys marine life will be banned in the area. Amateur line fishing and underwater sports will be allowed. This will serve the purpose of making Çeşme a center of attraction all year round.

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