May 7,2017

A newspaper which became the voice of those striving to deepen polarity in Turkey has been publishing fabricated news regarding Folkart and its Chairman, Mr. Mesut Sancak, since 2015. The final pieces of this chain of lies emerged in their publications on May 4 and May 6, 2017.

Such mud-slinging news full of baseless allegations against Folkart and Mesut Sancak are prepared employing hostility, insults, and defamation. The main reason for such an outrageous offensive that has been continuing systematically for the past two years is unfulfilled “advertising demands” and certain “implicit concealed expectations.”

The final example of this newspaper's deceptive news was about Folkart's Ardıç project in Çeşme. In the article, the certified bulkhead line that was partly filled in 1967 and completed in 1978 was displayed as if it had been built by Folkart. This report is remorselessly fictionalized and is based on lies.

In fact, let alone filling the sea, Folkart has altered its project completely to leave a juniper tree in the middle of the land property, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and has protected that tree diligently. Folkart has exhibited environmental awareness long before this made-up article.

You can witness the photograph of this act on the current page. Folkart puts great emphasis on protecting the natural environment in all of its projects, including those in Çeşme. Folkart also contributes to protecting the green spaces in the proximity of its projects. Folkart is an eco-friendly company, as stated in its mission statement.

The claim that our project does not comply with the construction law is a massive lie. The project is being constructed under the supervision of Çeşme Municipality, an institution which is fair in enforcing the law on all entities.

Folkart brings dignity to Izmir and Çeşme with all of its projects.

Bringing similar groundless news stories forward again and again is part of the smear campaign being undertaken to impose a hidden agenda.

Folkart has led and taken part in and promoted every initiative that will make a major contribution to Izmir with its goodwill and sympathy.

Such defamatory actions definitely cannot divert us from our path.

Folkart is always cited in Izmir and in Turkey as a shining example for its social responsibility projects in art and culture, and corporate social responsibility, and the company will maintain its policy.

Under no circumstances will Folkart remain silent on similar reports against Folkart and its chairman, Mesut Sancak. Folkart trusts in the rule of law, and will effectively implement its legal rights.

Moreover, it is an honor for FOLKART to oppose this mindset that shamefully and unethically attacks life and honesty.

It must be known that we will not place any advertisement on any publication that does not comply with the principles of press ethics, publishing fabricated news, no matter what they do.

Even though they have not published our disclaimers ordered by courts, and have not abided by the concrete injunction, the pillar of righteousness, honesty, and absolute justice will not collapse.

We promise that all of the compensation we have earned and believe that we will earn as a result of our righteous cases will be spent on our beautiful Izmir.


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