26 March 2018

Inspired by its slogan, "Life's worth it!," Folkart builds sturdy, state-of- the-art and environmentally-friendly structures to international standards. Having already launched the first phase of the Uzundere Urban Transformation Project, Folkart is breaking ground for its second project in the same region of Izmir. The new project is right next to Folkart's first project, LivaHome, in the Uzundere Urban Transformation Zone.

The Uzundere Urban Transformation and Development Zone has 12 blocks within the scope of "the Tender for the Second Phase of Uzundere Land-for- Apartment Turnkey Construction" located in Izmir's Yurtoğlu neighborhood. Under the tender, which is worth an estimated 107.51 million Turkish lira, a total of 462 independent units, including 67,353 square meters of construction area, 12 blocks, 422 apartments, and 40 offices will be built. The delivery time is set as 810 days. The apartments will be delivered on June 30, 2020. Uzundere will be one of the best examples of public-private partnerships in Turkey. While private companies will construct of the apartments and offices, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will build the social facilities in the Uzundere Urban Transformation Zone.

The LivaHome project offers a 10-percent discount on advance payments, and 24 interest-free, equal, monthly installments. The apartments in the project start from 279,000 Turkish lira.

The second phase of the LivaHome project will to rise right next to the first, and will have 2+1 and 3+1 apartments and commercial areas. The size of the apartments in the LivaHome project ranges between 85 and 176 square meters.

The commercial areas range from 47 to 105 square meters. Located by the Izmir Highway, 10 minutes from Adnan Menderes Airport, 4 minutes from the Izmir New Fair Area, 20 minutes from Alsancak, and 40 minutes from Çeşme, LivaHome is easily accessible and close to most central locations. The pioneer of urban transformation in Uzundere's designated areas in the coming years, LivaHome will completely change the landscape and future of the region with its first and second phases. With Folkart's quality and security, LivaHome offers a unique opportunity to anyone who wants to make a profitable investment at an attractive location in the city. The LivaHome Project will be home to those who wants a more prosperous future for themselves.

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