While building on this understanding, in order to achieve our quality goals, we always collaborate with the best solution partners, suppliers, and personnel.

Folkart adopts the principle of maintaining this very special “quality” sense during and after production. This approach earned it the “EFQM Certification of Persistence in Quality” given by KalDer to companies that set out on the journey of excellence.

For more than two decades, KalDer has been implementing the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model to instill an integrated approach that encompasses mission, vision, strategy, and policy determination in all organizations, and monitoring and improvement of the balanced results achieved. Since its introduction, EFQM has provided an easy-to-use and practical management system for many organizations at home and abroad, giving them the opportunity to achieve sustainable success through this method.


A five-level “Europe Journey of Excellence Program” must be completed to achieve success. Commitment to Excellence, the first level, is designed for organizations that are at the start of the journey of excellence. At this level, organizations get an understanding of their current performance level and set priorities for improvement.

Folkart Yapı is now on its journey of excellence as it has completed the first level of the program with success by taking measures after identifying areas for improvement, which KalDer determined as a result of its external assessment in 2013.

A Five-Level Journey of Excellence Program must be completed to achieve success. Commitment to Excellence, the first level, is designed for organizations that are at the start of the journey of excellence.

This influential journey was strengthened when Folkart was awarded “EFQM Recognized for Excellence 3-Star” in November 2015. Folkart tenaciously pursues excellence in its long-standing journey.


  • We commit to doing business pursuing client satisfaction while offering our services in line with our set standards, applicable rules and regulations, specifications of our clients, and FOLKART principles;
  • Avoid harming the ecological balance resulting from our operations;
  • Reduce waste at source; re-use and recycle where possible; dispose of non-recyclable waste in line with the proper methods;
  • Use energy, raw material, and natural resources efficiently;
  • Continuously improve and enhance our management system;
  • Handle customer complaints objectively, impartially, and equitably with our client-centric business philosophy, and embrace a solution based approach;
  • Take every necessary precaution to avoid a negative effect on the health of our employees and other people who may be affected by our activities, and contain accidents, damage, and hazards threatening the properties of other individuals at the outset;
  • Raise awareness among our employees of environment and occupational safety, extend the Quality, Environment, and Occupational Safety integrated management system’s essence as a life philosophy;
  • Monitor the hazards related to the occupational health and safety with the same determination, make every effort to minimize them;
  • Comply with our legal obligations, the Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety legislation in effect, and the requirements of parent organizations;
  • Work towards raising Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety awareness for the relevant parties;
  • Integrate our continuous improvement philosophy and systems compliant with the integrated management system in all processes, improving efficiency at all times; impose them on all employees; and increase our market share, profitability, and competitive edge in this regard;
  • Follow the technological innovations in the industry simultaneously with our global peers; and meet the demands and expectations of our clients in accordance with the requirements of the management system through our executive staff and trained modern staff.