10 October 2017

Folkart’s support of culture and the arts through its corporate social responsibility vision continues in the field of education. After completion of the “Spring Term” of 2017, the “Fall Term” classes are now starting at Folkart Academy.

Founded by Folkart for art education, the Folkart Academy’s new term registrations have begun. At Folkart Academy, 628 people received training by means of the Drama Workshop with the Masters program, and registrations have now begun for the new term. A total of 15,000 people applied to the Folkart Academy to attend the “Spring Term” classes that took place from April to June. A great number of people from all around Turkey are expected to apply once again for the “Fall Term.”

Application can only be made by completely filling in the application form on website. Those who applied for the “Spring Term” should make a new application for the “Fall Term.” The participants will be determined by a draw made before a notary public, and the lists of the winners and the substitutes will be published on the website.

During the Fall Term, a total of 300 people including 100 adults and 200 children will receive training through the Drama Workshop with the Masters program, from specialists and prominent actors and actresses at the Folkart Academy. The students who were selected by the special talent test and received over 200 hours of training in the Preparatory Class in the previous Spring Term (April-June) will continue their training.

Adult student training will last five weeks for a total of 40 hours. The children aged 6-14 will receive a total of 20 hours of training which will also last five weeks. The special talent class will be trained for 200 hours over 10 weeks. The training sessions will be held at the special classroom and theater hall at Folkart Towers. The training sessions will begin on October 21, 2017, and will continue until December 24, 2017.

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