May 4,2016


Folkart Yapı, taking firm steps towards becoming the largest constractor in Turkey, has now launched another new project in the New City Center of Bornova. Folkart has created Folkart Towers, which are one of the tallest twin towers in Europe. It is now establishing a new life center on Ankara Street called “Folkart Time”.

Folkart, in the spotlight since its foundation with its spectacular living areas in Izmir, features a college in its new project, in addition to residential, office, shopping, and dining areas. The Folkart Time Project offers four different functions – residence, office, thoroughfare stores, and college – which all together will generate an investment opportunity of 500 million Turkish lira. Folkart Time will give the New Bornova City Center a breath of fresh air, and become a center of attraction. It will be the right address for anyone who wants to get the most out of life with the motto “It’s your time now!”. Folkart Time will in particular highlight the “time” concept, and allow you to enjoy precious moments with your family. The facilities will include recreational areas, green fields, spa, swimming pool, and sports fields – all standard for Folkart projects. College mixed project
Folkart Time, bringing an unparalleled breakthrough to the mixed project concept, will be the first project in Izmir to include a college. Folkart Time residents will be given priority for enrollment in the college, which will provide students with the opportunity to receive an education from the best instructors in Turkey. Balconies and abundant green fields
Folkart Time will be a mixed project on a 27,400-square meter field and 120,000-square meter construction area. It will save time for the project residents, by combining residence, office, college, shopping, and recreational areas in one place. With Folkart Time’s 369 residences including studio flats with or without balcony, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, and duplex flats ranging from 37 square meters to 335 square meters, 271 offices, 46 commercial units, indoor/outdoor pool, spa, fitness center, and parking garage, you can schedule your time efficiently. The project will bring the positive natural energy of fruit trees, lemon trees, cypresses, and pistachio trees to Folkart Time residents. Turkey's biggest construction company
Mesut Sancak, Folkart Yapı Chairman of the Board, who looks out for the “human-centered” “innovative point of view” in projects designed to add value to Izmir, said, “We aim to become the biggest construction group in our country. Folkart is getting closer to this goal every year. Its unprecedented projects now touch all of Turkey, not only people in Izmir.”

Folkart Time project
Sancak described the preparation stages of the Folkart Time Project and the steps taken at each stage. He also noted that they discussed trends with 2,000 people through a market survey. Sancak said eight architectural firms laid out 22 different projects. He explained that an expert committee analyzed these projects individually, and they chose the project co-designed by the SCRA and FREA architectural firms. “Time is at the core of what we do“
Sancak provided full information on the project, and added: “We all have a fundamental concern on how to use time effectively in our daily modern lives. Busy work schedules, hours spent in traffic jams, endless meetings, and long distances come one after the other. We occasionally get caught up in these daily routines. In a nutshell, time is very valuable for each of us. Effective time management is an essential goal for us. Because when we manage time efficiently, we can produce so many good things, so much success, and so much beauty for our families and our environment. We wanted to implement a mixed project for Izmir that places “time” at the core, where you can find everything you appreciate. This led to the ’Folkart Time Project’ as a breath of fresh air, and new center of attraction for Izmir”. New Bornova city center area
Sancak noted that the Folkart Time Project will be set in the New Bornova City Center area, and added, “Our project is located in the heart of Izmir Bay. It is equally distant from all districts of the city. From here, you can access Çiğli or Balçova in the same amount of time. The project’s close proximity to the ring-road is another prominent feature. The Folkart Time project to be built alongside Ankara Street, will be a very positive role model for its periphery, while offering efficient use of time. This is why we launched with the motto ’It’s Your Time Now!’”. Folkart Time is valued at 500 million Turkish lira
Sancak underlined that the ’outdoor’ tradition, an indispensable part of social life, will be maintained in the project. He said, “The project’s green fields, spa center, indoor and outdoor sport fields, swimming pool, parking lots signify the quality of life, while offering an absolute baseline. These are our core values. The project will bring an investment valued at 500 million Turkish lira. Folkart Time will also include a college with 1,500-student capacity. This college differentiates Folkart Time it from other projects. Our children, lifelong gifts, will be educated at this college. All family members will save time. The quality of life will improve even further. We would like to conclude our project by September 2018". Folkart Time, the new project by Folkart Yapı, is on sale with prices starting from 209,000 Turkish lira.

Dynamic ad
Julien Seri, the well-known French director, came together with Romuald Sunny, world-renowned stuntman for the Folkart Time video. Romuald Sunny, world-renowned figure of the dangerous shows, did the action scenes in the advertising video produced by the producer Seri in Izmir. It took six days to produce the film. Action scenes were shot at Izmir landmarks including Lozan Square. Nearly 630 actors consisting of five yamakasis, two bow jugglers, and 300 extras. Fifteen automobiles were used, including four specially designed ones. Folkart Time sales office building
Folkart Time Sales Office Building was designed by Atmosphere Mimarlık. Its facade exudes the “Timelessness” concept with abstract elements. The project has already received tremendous attention. It was laid out by the Architect Hüseyin Birman, inspired from Akdeniz (The Mediterranean) in Istanbul by the sculptor İlhan Koman in 1980. The sales office, a stunning example of parametric architecture, has a facade design that reflects “time” as different periods in life. The architectural project reflects the perception of the timelines and instability in our lives, expansions and constrictions, directional changes in life, and ups and downs over time.

Folkart Time in figures
Project land area: 27,400 square meters
Total college area: 10,613 square meters
Total residence area: 35,316 square meters
Total commercial area: 7,000 square meters
Total office area: 33,547 square meters
Total recreational area (Swimming pool, spa, fitness center): 1,000 square meters
Total basement area (parking lot, shelter, technical spaces): 39,900 square meters
Total number of parking garages: 1,041
Green areas reserved for the public: 3,000 square meters
Total green areas (basement + terrace + school + park): 7,800 square meters Distributions of flats, commercial units, and offices
1+0 flat: 61 units
1+1 flat: 192 units
2+1 flat: 78 units
3+1 flat: 26 units
Duplex flat: 12 units (2+1, 3+1, 4+1)
Total flats: 369 units
Commercial Unit (store): 46 units
Office: 271 units

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