January 5, 2017

During his London visit for a business meeting, Folkart Chairman Mesut Sancak met with Simon Calder, a travel writer at the Independent who wrote the article suggesting that “the best response to the terrorist attack in Reina would be visiting Turkey.” Sancak thanked the British journalist and invited him to Izmir. The famous travel writer said that he will definitely visit Izmir.

The meeting in London took place at the world renowned The Ritz London opposite Green Park. Folkart Chairman Mehmet Sancak condemned terrorism and stated that such articles boost the morale of the business world, and added that daily life in Turkey will never be overwhelmed by terrorism. The prominent journalist mentioned his contentment from this gathering.

This Should Set an Example

Sancak noted that the diligent individuals of the business world hope that Simon Calder's piece sets an example and that the presence of such articles is on the rise in Western media. Folkart Chairman Mesut Sancak said:

“This solidarity shining out in your piece, your morale support was extremely meaningful for us, for our business sector. We hope to see an increase in examples of such unbiased views. We acknowledge the views stated in your article, and believe that, while enduring our anguish and mourning for our losses with our heads held high, the best response to all acts of terrorism would be to continue living our daily lives so as not to let terrorism achieve its goals.

Invitation to Izmir

Sancak noted that he condemns terrorism, and invited Mr. Calder to Izmir and introduced FOLKART to him in a few words. The Folkart chairman asserted, “Based in Izmir, FOLKART is an innovative company undertaking grand investments, and we seek to become the largest company in the Turkish construction industry in the coming years.” Sancak said:

“We would like to invite you to Izmir and to Turkey once again.

We are confident that our beautiful city will impress you with its thousands of years of history and enchanting natural beauty. Izmir's authentic culture, arts, cuisine, and charm will mesmerize you. You will fall in love with Izmir.”

Investing in London

During his conversation with Mr. Calder, Mesut Sancak added that Folkart's actual objectives involve investing in London. Sancak told Calder:

“Your nice words about our country and your solidarity were not only inspiriting for us, but also reassured our will to invest in London. We are already working on such an investment. I would like to thank you again, wish you the best in your endeavors as a journalist, and invite you to Izmir. We would be delighted and proud if you accepted our invitation.”

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