August 29, 2016

KITVAK (The Foundation for Establishing and Developing Bone Marrow Transplantation and Oncology Hospital) Chairman Ramazan Soncul and members of the board paid a thank you visit to Folkart Chairman Mesut Sancak, who donated 1 million Turkish lira to the foundation in May. Ramazan Soncul said construction work on the second KITVAK Guest House for Patients and Relatives, built for the Dokuz Eylül University Hospital, continues non-stop and is near completion. He explained that Folkart Yapı Chairman Mesut Sancak stepped in just as the project was on the verge of shutting down: “Mesut Sancak provided much-needed support at a very critical point with a 1 million Turkish lira donation to our guest house project. At a time when the project faced grave difficulties and stoppage was near, Mr. Sancak came to the rescue. With this gift we are now able to finish the project. On behalf of KITVAK management and benefactors, I expend my deepest gratitude to him.” Mr. Soncul said that Mr. Sancak’s charitable stance should be an example for Izmir. He invited representatives of Izmir's business community to support KITVAK and direct their support toward sustainable social projects. Mr. Sancak said he was happy for KITVAK’s visit. KITVAK deserves the greatest appreciation, he said. Ever since its inception, the Izmir-based foundation has been a beam of hope in its support of cancer patients, children and adults alike: “Folkart's 1 million Turkish lira donation in May was a corporate charitable contribution. I’m saying this from the bottom of my heart: in principle, we don’t normally publicize any of our charitable giving. We shared our views on this matter with KITVAK's management. But they wanted to publicize it to set an example for Izmir and encourage the business community to do the same.” Mr. Sancak invited every businessman and corporation in Izmir to support KITVAK and set an example for corporate charitable giving. Mesut Sancak undelined that Folkart has conducted a range of corporate social responsibility projects, it is now investing in new initiatives that help contribute to Izmir's society and the environment. ABOUT KITVAK KITVAK has successfully undertaken significant projects ever since its foundation thanks to supporting philanthropists and volunteers. Its new project, the Dokuz Eylül University KITVAK Guest House for Patients and Relatives, will be in the university's campus. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. The four-storey guest house, with 41 rooms and 82 beds, will be built on a 3,768 square-meter area. Its estimated budget is approximately 4 million Turkish lira. KITVAK took a lead role in building the Ege University Tülay Aktaş Oncology Hospital. Following the hospital's inauguration in May 2004, the Ege University KITVAK Guest House for Patients and Relatives opened on October 7, 2014. Including the guest house, which is scheduled to commence operations by the year-end, the foundation has contributed a total of 25 million Turkish lira investments to date in present value terms.

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