Under the leadership of family patriarch Abdülkerim Sancak, the Sancak family set out on its journey into the business world in the 1950s. The family gained tremendous respect in various Anatolian cities in which it operated, thanks to its business ethics and focus on quality.

In 1987 the family moved to Istanbul and founded Hedef Alliance with the goal of reaching a broader market. Abdulrezzak Sancak and his siblings took an active role in the management of the firm, which quickly became a leader in domestic pharmaceutical distribution and a major player in the international marketplace.

Seeking to apply their long years of experience and know-how in other industries, they went on to establish Saya Group in 2006 with the goal of making a contribution to R&D, employment, and exports, the driving forces of our country’s economy.

In the same year, Folkart was founded as the first Saya Group company. In 2007, the Alpark store chain was acquired, and later, sold to CarrefourSA in 2010 due to strong demand.

After the partnership ended with Hedef Alliance in 2011, Saya’s enterprising approach soon began to produce new results. In 2011, Pharmactive was established, and immediately after, Volt was acquired by Voltsan Grup.

Saya Grup has grown with a “people-centric” approach and nearly tripled the number its of employees from 2013 to 2015. By 2020, the company aims to employ about 3,000 personnel and reach revenue of 2 billion Turkish lira, with 15 percent earned from exports. Currently, it allocates almost 5 percent of its revenue to R&D and 0.5 percent to internal training.

Resolute in doing good by people, Saya Group companies carry out high-profile social responsibility projects such as fighting drug addiction and supporting education, as well as directly back social aid and solidarity.

The Saya Group never forgets that it owes its success to hard work and discipline, and the sustainability of said success to savings and humility.

The company continues to grow based on three principles, while remaining aware of the need to keep up with the times and innovations for success in today’s business world.

These principles are maintaining a positive outlook, taking quick action, and working productively.

The Saya Group never forgets that it owes its success to hard work and discipline, and the sustainability of said success to savings and humility.


Folkart is Saya Group’s flagship company. With its slogan “Life’s worth it,” Folkart presents modern architectural pieces in Turkey. It adds value to the economy and brings a return to investors.

Folkart’s unique, prestigious projects bring quality and comfort to people’s lives, and have won both national and international awards. Folkart has completed projects that conform to high standards such as the Folkart Towers project, among Europe’s highest twin towers, and Turkey’s largest pharmaceuticals factory, Pharmactive.

Saya Group’s people-first approach manifests itself in Folkart’s reputation for workplace safety. Folkart has made a great reputation with its social and cultural projects as well. Folkart Gallery, Turkey’s biggest art gallery with an area of 800 square meters, presents art in contemporary exhibitions for a broad audience. The company’s tremendous emphasis on art is also reflected in its own work with outstanding structures built with cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly approach, and the meticulousness of an artist rising to the sky.


Established in 1987 and having quickly joined the ranks of Turkey’s most distinguished industrial brands, Volt Motor became a Saya Group affiliate in 2011.

After becoming a Saya Group company, ongoing efforts in R&D, quality, innovation, and modernization have today transformed Volt Motor into one of Turkey’s leading electric motor manufacturers with its technology, product quality, and diversity, and capacity on a 45,000- square meter production area.

Nearly 70 percent of the electricity used in Turkish industrial production comes from electric motors.

Volt Motor’s R&D operations aimed at reducing consumption and increasing energy efficiency in our country resulted in the company introducing premium energy level IE3 efficiency class electric motors to the market. There are ongoing collaborations in the international market with regards to super premium energy level IE4 motors. On track to becoming a global brand, Volt Motor set its sights on becoming the market leader by 2020 in its journey of excellence guided by TURQUALITY and EFQM.


It was established to unearth our country’s underground treasures and utilize them for the economy, and to add to the country’s energy supply.

Livamine maintains mining operations with this philosophy and remains ready for possible collaborations.



Pharmactive İlaç was established with the motto, “Happiness is a remedy to a complaint” in 2010.

Pharmactive laid the foundations of the 330- million-box production capacity facility on Valentine’s Day (February 14) 2011 with an investment of over $200 million. Set on 108,000 square meters, Phase I of the Pharmactive production facility ranks among Turkey’s largest and the most modern on 42,500 square meters of indoor space.

Upon completion of Stage II, it will become one of Europe’s most foremost pharmaceutical production facilities with a production capacity of more than 550 million boxes on a total area of 80,000 square meters. Pharmactive develops pharmaceuticals in diverse fields through an innovative approach and offers them for the service of physicians, pharmacists, and patients with its superior quality, patient-centric approach, and seasoned team.

The factory was built taking into account all the necessary conditions and international standards particular to the production of medicine. It is equipped with the world’s most advanced building management systems.

In February 2015, the highly respected European institution BfArM awarded Pharmactive with the prestigious Europe Good Management Practice (GMP) certification.

PharmAR-GE was established as part of Pharmactive with an awareness of the impact research and development operations will have on our country’s future. With the R&D Center status it has earned, it carries out clinical work and product development operations in collaboration with universities, physicians, and pharmacists, as well as offering innovative industry solutions.

Pharmactive offers contract manufacturing based on the needs of domestic and foreign companies at its capability and high-capacity plant.

Pharmactive is in line to achieve its goal of becoming one of the country’s top five largest pharmaceutical companies. The company continues to serve patients both at home and abroad by producing high-quality medicines at affordable prices.