It is implausible to think that an organization with a founding principle based on  “Life” and its “ Value” would shy away from projects that are close to people and aim to improve their quality of life. Folkart believes in equal opportunity for all in our society. As such, it takes it upon itself to support projects aimed at people who have lost certain abilities against their will. For Folkart, a project does not involve only construction. Social responsibility projects that improve people’s quality of life are also in Folkart’s sphere of interest.

Accordingly, with collaboration from Ege Artı Association for Education and Training of the Disabled and Ege University Atatürk Healthcare Vocational School, Folkart established the Ege Artı Personal Development School to provide full time education for disabled youth. The goal is to give free education to 60 mentally disabled children who cannot participate in fulltime education due to insufficient financial means, so that they can happily participate in active life. Upon completion, these special youngsters will be able to care for their basic needs, discover their inner skills, and be active members of society with confidence.

Folkart became a beacon of hope for the youth who live in Karşıyaka, Bostanlı, Bornova, Buca, Konak, Alsancak, Narlıdere, Gültepe, Pınarbaşı, Gaziemir, Karabağlar, Eskiizmir, Evka 1-2-3-4-5, Örnekköy, Eşrefpaşa, Kavaklıdere, and Bayraklı  neighborhoods and can’t use public transport due to their disabilities. “Having set off with the slogan, ”Distances are no obstacle to us,“ Folkart will cover the transportation cost of the students with disabilities by running free shuttles throughout the coming year.

In the coming days, Folkart and the Ege Artı Personal Development School will bring Folkart employees and disabled youth together, and carry out new projects. These projects include having these young people meet celebrities at Folkart, and having Folkart employees visit the youth and organize joint events.