Folkart Yapı utilizes superior technology while offering comfort and luxury, prerequisites for refined living and work spaces. The latest innovations and technical and engineering practices in construction technology combine with distinctive architectural design to translate into comfort. Comfort becomes luxury with the use of advanced technology automation systems security solutions, lighting automation fire detection, and warming systems.

Some examples:

  • Folkart is implementing a “micro-tremor” test in its projects.
  • The O’cell Test was conducted in Turkey for the second time.
  • Out-rigger (earthquake and wind dampener) has been used for the first time in Turkey at Folkart Towers.
  • The BIM (Building Information Modeling) system has begun to be utilized, which is widely used around the world.
  • A destination automation system is used on the elevators.
  • A Climbing Form System is used to ensure occupational safety and for quick and high quality manufacturing. Furthermore, a Wind Tunnel Test was carried out in the UK.


Folkart Yapı creatively implements cutting-edge automation systems widely used around the globe.

Our company’s safety solutions and lighting automation are also at the top level. Our fire sensing and smoke alarm system is equipped with the most advanced technology. The core objective of the creative solutions based on the advanced technology in all of our projects is to ease the lives of our clients, and to offer modern aspects of the new comfort concept that they need together with quality in a reliable and sustainable environment.

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