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Saya Group

Sancak Family started its commercial journey in the 1950s under the leadership of father Abdulkerim Sancak. The family continuing its activities in various provinces of Anatolia; has gained a high reputation around it with its business ethics, understanding of quality and exemplary entrepreneurial spirit.

With the idea of ​​realizing its potential in wider markets, the family settled in Istanbul in 1987 and established the Hedef Alliance. This company, in which Abdulrezzak Sancak and his brothers took an active role in the management, became a leader in the national market in the field of pharmaceutical distribution and an important actor in the international market.

Abdulrezzak Sancak and his brothers founded Saya Group in 2006 to evaluate their long years of experience and knowledge in different sectors. Folkart was founded the same year as the first company of the Saya Group. In 2007, Alpark Markets chain was bought in Istanbul.

Alpark was handed over to CarrefourSA in 2010 upon popular demand. After the partnership with Hedef Alliance was terminated in 2011, Saya's entrepreneurial philosophy started to bear fruit in a short time and new steps were taken rapidly. Saya crowned the distribution knowledge gained in the pharmaceutical sector in the past years by establishing Pharmactive in 2011, including production. Immediately afterwards, Volt Elektrik and Voltsan, strong and prestigious names of their sectors, joined the Saya Group. Saya, who grew up with an understanding based on "Value to People", tripled the number of employees between 2013-2015.

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