October 5,2016

Folkart is the main sponsor of the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra for the 2016–2017 season. The Izmir State Symphony Orchestra will be at the center of attention thanks to this season’s Folkart concerts. Folkart is outstanding in its support of culture and the arts, and is assuming the main sponsorship for the Izmir State Symphony’s 42nd concert season. Folkart Chairman Mesut Sancak stated they feel honored to be the primary sponsor of the activities of an institution as established as the Izmir State Symphony. Violinist and Orchestra Manager Ender Ünal expressed his appreciation of Folkart. The 42nd concert season of the Izmir State Symphony has been organized in collaboration with its main sponsor, Folkart, and begins with the opening concert on Friday, October 7, at 20:30 at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Center. The opening concert’s orchestra will be conducted by Vakhtang Matchavariani and world-renowned pianist Özgür Aydın will perform a solo. With the support of its main sponsor Folkart, the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra’s 33-week 2016–2017 concert season will conclude with a closing concert on May 26, 2017, at The Great Theater of Ephesus. Mesut Sancak is the Chairman of Folkart, the primary sponsor of the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra 2016–2017 concert season, and emphasized their contributions to various cultural and artistic events is aimed to raise awareness of and interest in the arts. He went on to remark, “We are honored to sponsor the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra. Supporting such an esteemed institution on its 42nd anniversary is one more source of pride for us.” “We love Izmir so much and believe that art is hugely important for our city,” said Sancak. He also mentioned that Folkart brought to Izmir one of the biggest art galleries in the country, as part of the vision of “Art in us.” Sancak declared that Folkart will continue to support the arts. Violinist and Orchestra Manager Ender Ünal thanked Sancak and Folkart on behalf of the artists of the ensemble, saying, “Folkart confirmed its appreciation of the arts by sponsoring the Izmir State Symphony. We are delighted about this and we extend our gratitude to Folkart.”

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