Established in 2006 by Saya Group, Folkart Yapı is committed to satisfying its customers by providing comfort and luxury in the form of exclusive architecture.
Folkart is forging ahead as a national and international award-winning company with a good reputation in the industry. It ensures a high return on investment by building luxurious, comfortable, and superior structures equipped with eco-friendly and advanced technology.
For Folkart Yapı, projects begin when a need is identified and continue well after completion.
The company focuses on first-rate, high rise, A+ residence and office, shopping mall, and school projects.
Customer satisfaction depends on quality. That’s why Folkart Yapı is continuously improving itself and always collaborates with the best suppliers, the most prestigious solution partners, and the most skilled personnel to ensure customer satisfaction.
The company views all of its policy implementations as a necessity, rather than an obligation, and continuously prepares its employees, solution partners, and suppliers for the transformation needed to address customer needs.
With exclusive features coupled with great attention to detail and exceptional solutions, Folkart Yapı will continue to offer projects that will make you say, “Life’s worth it.”



Sustainable and graceful with international quality standards. Add value to society and the environment by building innovative and safe structures with the use of state-of-the-art technology.


Become the industry leader and the most sought- after brand in the industry by 2025.


Folkart Yapı carefully selects and maintains a dynamic and experienced team for projects and construction sites. The Selection of teams is a painstaking process at Folkart Yapı, an industry leader with fast and superior quality production.