Folkart strives to add value to your land and to develop projects on it by offering alternative solutions and methods.

  • Do you aspire to increase the value of your land and make value added investments?
  • Are you looking for project development opportunities for your land?
  • Maybe you don’t want to sell, but you would like about opportunities if a project were to be developed on your land.
  • Maybe you are aware that your land is valuable; however, you don’t know the land transfer procedures or how to protect your legal rights, and you would like information on that.
  • Maybe you have received an offer for your land and are wondering if you can get a better offer.
  • Maybe you are in real estate and you have meetings to help you customers make the most of their properties.

Folkart makes an assessment of the special expectations and needs of all stakeholders, particularly those of the land owners, and provides support in every matter, including legal advice during the project process.