December 21, 2018
Folkart won five awards in seven categories at the Real Estate Stars/Turkey’s Real Estate Leaders Awards ceremony and grabbed a slice of history.
December 19, 2018
Our chairman Mesut Sancak said, “Leaders are those capable of mobilizing the masses. Don't try to be managers. Try to become leaders." Mektebim Schools hosted our chairman, Mesut Sancak, at its M-Lead Career Days. Mesut Sancak shared his business life experiences with high-school students.
24 September 2018
Folkart is the most trusted company and the most recognized brand, according to the Brand Recognition and Perception Research conducted by Color Research & Consultancy in Izmir.
5 September 2018
Folkart will act as the main sponsor of the 87th Izmir International Fair, organized and hosted by İZFAŞ in cooperation with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, featuring famous artists, actors and award-winning...
13 June 2018
Renowned for building modern, innovative, and desirable living areas, Folkart now introduces a new urban transformation project in Karşıyaka. Having successfully...
13 June 2018
We offer you the opportunity to become a homeowner through our top quality project "Folkart Line" in Uzundere at affordable prices, low interest rates and down payments starting from 10,000 Turkish lira.
24 May 2018
Folkart Gallery invites all children with a passion for painting to the fourth edition of its free children's painting workshops between June 18 and August 10, 2018.
26 March 2018
Inspired by its slogan, "Life's worth it!," Folkart builds sturdy, state-of- the-art and environmentally-friendly structures to international standards. Having already launched the first phase of the Uzundere Urban Transformation Project, Folkart is breaking ground for its second project in the same region of Izmir. The new project is right next to Folkart's first project, LivaHome, in the Uzundere Urban Transformation Zone.
6 March 2018
Folkart Gallery is hosting Ukrainian painter Ivan Marchuk, one of the "100 Living Geniuses" according to The Daily Telegraph newspaper. Between March 9 and May 20, 2018, Folkart Gallery will put his pieces on display for art lovers as part of the most comprehensive exhibition ever held in Turkey.
January 22, 2018
Pre-registration for Folkart Academy's 2018 training courses has begun. During the Spring Term, a total of 300 people including 100 adults and 200 children will receive training in the Drama Workshop program
January 18, 2018
The exhibition of Spanish photographer Chema Madoz, who is considered to be among the greatest artists in the world of photography and accepted as a 'master who reflects the secret poetry of objects to the art of photography', will take place at Folkart Gallery from December 22, 2017 to February 25, 2018.
January 18, 2018
Ege Artı Special Education and Rehabilitation Center students greeted the New Year with festive events. Students had a truly wonderful time at the special Snow Party complete with music and song.
6 December 2017
The Real Estate Stars Awards, which promote leading companies in the construction industry, have been announced.
12 October 2017
Organized for the benefit of the Children in Need of Protection (Koruncuk) Foundation of Turkey, the exhibition "Dizelerin Renkleri" ("Colors of Verses") presents the original manuscripts of 37 giants of Turkish poetry including
12 October 2017
The Reconstruction of the Being will open its doors to the Turkish public on October 12 at the Folkart Gallery, where Jorge Marín will be the first Latin American sculptor to be exhibited. This exhibition space is the largest gallery in Turkey.
10 October 2017
Folkart’s support of culture and the arts through its corporate social responsibility vision continues in the field of education. After completion of the “Spring Term” of 2017, the “Fall Term” classes are now starting at Folkart Academy.
August 11, 2017
Our priorities in Folkart always involve sustaining and enriching the merits of this charming city.
July 14,2017
Collaborating with Izmir Sports Clubs Association (IZVAK), Folkart funded Izmir sports clubs for a total of 1,543,000 Turkish lira. Izmir sports clubs and Folkart thus exhibited their confidence in unity and solidarity.
May 29,2017
Now in its 18th year, the Pursuit of Excellence Symposium that brings together the companies and leaders driving the economy is being organized this year by the Izmir branch of the Turkish Quality Association (KalDer) between May 24-26.
May 7,2017
A newspaper which became the voice of those striving to deepen polarity in Turkey has been publishing fabricated news regarding Folkart and its Chairman, Mr. Mesut Sancak, since 2015. The final pieces of this chain of lies emerged in their publications on May 4 and May 6, 2017.
March 10, 2017
A new project is on the horizon for Folkart's activities in the world of art, which primarily include the Folkart Gallery and the main sponsorship of the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra, among others.
February 13, 2017
As a first in Izmir, Folkart introduced a new health practice serving apartment complex residents. Folkart Towers’ residents will now be able to benefit from mobile health services of international standards, round-the-clock.
January 5, 2017
During his London visit for a business meeting, Folkart Chairman Mesut Sancak met with Simon Calder, a travel writer at the Independent who wrote the article suggesting that “the best response to the terrorist attack in Reina would be visiting Turkey.” Sancak thanked the British journalist and invited him to Izmir. The famous travel writer said that he will definitely visit Izmir.
November 18,2016
Folkart improved its star rating from 3 to 4 in the Excellence in Competency Certificate at the 2016 Turkey Excellence Awards organized by the Turkish Quality Association (KALDER) and the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD).
October 21,2016
The Saya Group, comprising the Folkart, Pharmactive, and Volt Electric Motors, started the day with sad news. Mr. Abdulrezzak Sancak, 52, the founder and chairman of Saya Group, passed away tonight (October 21, 2016) at around 1:00 a.m. at a hospital
October 5,2016
Folkart is the main sponsor of the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra for the 2016–2017 season. The Izmir State Symphony Orchestra will be at the center of attention thanks to this season’s Folkart concerts.
October 3,2016
The “Real Estate Stars” awards organized by the Capital and the Economist magazines last week brought together the leaders of the industry. Metin Sancak, Chairman of Folkart, a “Top Ten Real Estate Company,” received an award on its behalf for being one of the top ten “Companies with the Highest Turnovers in 2015.”
September 27,2016
We are supporting another fresh project as a reflection of our strong commitment to environmental issues. We once again prove our environmental awareness with our sponsorship of the "Declaration of Ildır Bay as a Specially Protected Environment Area" project.
September 9,2016
As the sole bidder, Folkart has won the fourth Izmir Metropolitan Municipality tender developed for the urban transformation project in the Uzundere neighborhood, comprising 280 housing and 33 office units in the Karabağlar district.
August 23, 2016
Now in its second year, the course attracted 200 children and concluded with a special certification ceremony. Children aged 5 to 10 learned painting techniques inspired by our theme "Every Painting has a Tale." They painted the fairy tales in vivid colors inspired by the very same tales, and captivated everyone's attention.
August 12, 2016
Organized by IZFAŞ under the leadership of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Fare will welcome visitors to its 85th year at the Kültürpark Fair Area with a generous sponsorship from FOLKART. This year, the doors will open with the slogan “Izmir is the Future.” FOLKART's theme of Innovation will bring a fresh breeze of culture and arts to the Izmir Fair. FOLKART will be sponsoring a variety of events, from theater and street shows to dance and jazz.
August 29, 2016
KITVAK (The Foundation for Establishing and Developing Bone Marrow Transplantation and Oncology Hospital) Chairman Ramazan Soncul and members of the board paid a thank you visit to Folkart Chairman Mesut Sancak, who donated 1 million Turkish lira to the foundation in May.
July 13, 2016
A media outlet, which has recently become a flag-bearer of political polarization in our country, has featured unreal, scornful, malicious, deliberately hostile, and false claims about Mesut Sancak, the Chairman of Board of Directors of Folkart Yapı A.Ş. These are also shared on the social media due to “lack of accurate information.”
June 21, 2016
“OUR PAINTINGS TELL A TALE“ Folkart Gallery’s free painting course has just begun. This course, intended for children, is organized every year. In its first year the course had a maximum limit of 100 participants but due to tremendous interest, the number of participants has been increased this year. Indeed, courses started last Monday with 205 attendees.
May 13, 2016
Folkart promoted the “Love-Flowers-We are Flowers Growing with Love” event organized by the Bayraklı District Governorship between May 10 and 16, 2016, in honor of “Disabled Week”.
May 8, 2016
A total of 24 runners represented our company and the disabled received a certificate of participation. This race was organized on Sunday May 8 to support research into the treatment of paraplegia.
May 4,2016
Folkart Yapı, taking firm steps towards becoming the largest constractor in Turkey, has now launched another new project in the New City Center of Bornova. Folkart has created Folkart Towers, which are one of the tallest twin towers in Europe. It is now establishing a new life center on Ankara Street called “Folkart Time”.
april 23,2016
Folkart Towers hosted a series of events as part of the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day celebrations. Kids and their parents had a wonderful time on April 23 at Folkart Çarşı.
Folkart Chairman Mesut Sancak declared that, all Folkart employees, after successfully completing a smoking cessation program, have quit smoking by "May 31, World No Tobacco Day." Folkart has become one of the few companies in Turkey and the world by going smoke-free. Folkart will no longer employ smokers.
March 02, 2016
A founder of Magnum, one of the biggest photography agencies, he is regarded as the world’s best war photographer, despite his utter distaste for wars. He is a passionate and incorrigible lover, an adventurer, an adrenaline junkie. Robert Capa’s photographs are in Turkey for the first time. He rose to fame, made a living, and even met the love of his life in wars, and lost them all to wars, with the exception of his fame.
November 28, 2015
The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) awarded Folkart the 3-Star Excellence in Competency Certificate for the journey of quality it set out on in 2013. Folkart CEO Metin Sancak received the certificate at the Quality Conference organized by KalDer last week.
May 12, 2015
A new project is rising in Izmir’s Bornova district from Folkart Yapı, embodiment of the tradition of combining exclusively created comfort and luxury with customer satisfaction.
February 8, 2015
Izmir’s new symbol, “Folkart Towers”, introduced Turkey’s biggest art gallery, “Folkart Gallery”, to art enthusiasts. The gallery opened its doors on Monday, February 8. The first exhibit on display will be the “Magic of Hands” (Ellerin Büyüsü) collection by Professor Hans Zilch, M.D..