March 10, 2017

A new project is on the horizon for Folkart's activities in the world of art, which primarily include the Folkart Gallery and the main sponsorship of the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra, among others.

Folkart established the Folkart Academy as part of its corporate social responsibility practices. The first event of the Academy will be the Drama Workshop with the Masters, which 625 people are expected to attend.

Folkart continues its activities in the field of art education through the Folkart Academy. The first education project of the Folkart Academy will involve theater acting.

Ranking among the largest construction companies in Turkey thanks to its innovative construction projects in Izmir, Folkart continues reinvesting earnings in Izmir. Folkart implements its corporate social responsibility approach by supporting the world of art in Izmir with the Folkart Academy. Folkart Academy will be one of the most influential symbols of this approach.

Folkart has helped Izmir's art lovers meet with globally prominent artists and their works through Folkart Gallery, and was the main sponsor of the 85th Izmir International Fair. As the main sponsor of the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra, Folkart shows its strong support of arts and artists of Izmir.

Folkart will now implement its works in art education under the framework of the Folkart Academy project. The first education project of the Folkart Academy will involve theater acting. The general art director of the “Drama Workshop with the Masters” will be the prominent theater actor Volkan Severcan, who also works as the Project Coordinator of the Folkart Academy. The instructors of the workshop include experienced actors and actresses, and expert figures such as Zeyno Gönenç, Ziya Kürküt, Yeşim Alıç, İbrahim Raci Öksüz, Almıla Uluer Atabeyoğlu, Kerem Atabeyoğlu, Gürol Tonbul, and Oktay Keresteci. Other well known theater actors and actresses will gather with the participants of the courses throughout the sessions as visiting instructors. All services of the Folkart will be free of charge in accordance with the corporate social responsibility approach.

Drama Workshop with the Masters

The application forms for the project can be found at

Applications will begin on March 12, 2017.

Attendance at the sessions will be mandatory and participants who are absent from more than 20% of the lessons will be expelled.

Education will be under three categories.

The sessions will be a total of 20 hours given over five weekends,

and in two separate groups attending on Saturdays and on Sundays.

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