May 13, 2016

Love Flowers Had Lots of Fun

Folkart promoted the “Love-Flowers-We are Flowers Growing with Love” event organized by the Bayraklı District Governorship between May 10 and 16, 2016, in honor of “Disabled Week”.

Students from Izmir’s Bayraklı district receiving a special education enjoyed a special day on May 12 at Çiçekliköy. Under the sponsorship of Folkart Yapı and led by the Bayraklı district governorship, both students and their parents had an unforgettable day at the Traditional Love Flowers Picnic. The event was organized by the District National Education Directorate and the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation. A total of 212 students and their parents from 19 schools and 37 special education classes had a great time at the picnic.

Nearly five hundred people attended the event, where there were games for kids of every age. The animation team entertained the kids with wonderful shows in the creative and intriguing playgrounds. Both students and their parents enjoyed the activity-packed picnic that featured a juggler, face-painting, clown, animation shows, dancing, and singing. Snacks, ice cream, cotton candy, and popcorn were served to attendees. Every child received a special tailor-made gift.

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