We started off with a strong assertion at Folkart. We set our sights on not only taking the lead, but also on setting the bar high in terms of creating the best, the top quality, “the universal”. The idea of developing projects that respond to higher expectations with rising standards of living also got us excited in the foundation stage of Folkart.

We have followed a dream for a long time and made it real in the end. Folkart has grown by leaps and bounds, backed by the business experience and support of our group for over 50 years.

The transformation of Turkey into one of the most spectacular economies of Europe and the world in the process of globalization is sustaining its rapid growth amid the winds of change. This outlook has added a distinct dimension to the luxury concept, while requiring the quality, comfort, technology, and aesthetics quartet to come together in the top tier at the same time.

We aimed to match this higher expectation with peace of mind blending the best, the most comfortable, and the highest quality with an ever-evolving luxury insight with cutting-edge technology and “the most aesthetic” line. We also wanted to deliver projects people will share with their loved ones. We proved our capability to achieve this in our big success story culminating with Folkart Towers.

While getting ready for new projects while continuing ongoing ones, we dream about realizing projects in New York City and are setting goals in this regard with actual plans. We also believe in our background, and draw on our strength from ourselves, our dreams, and you.

We keep the conscience of honesty, diligence, respecting humanity, development, and innovation in tandem with our entrenched ethical values brought from past to present.

Our ethical values and perception of humanity make up what we do. Therefore, we expect the same level of sensitivity from all colleagues.

Offering top-line service, contributing to our colleagues, and sharing the success with our solution partners all add value to our company.

We have a huge family. We consider you - those who chose us - part of our family, rather than a customer, and as such, develop long-term relationships. We work with all we have to create, not just good buildings, but also good neighbors, and peaceful and safe areas.

We are aware that people deserve beautiful things. We strive for beauty, peace, goodness, and quality. Our family does not consist only of customers. We are both a family, and a strong and great team with our employees, suppliers, and solution partners.

We believe that all beautiful things are created with love, desire, and hard work. This is why we are moving forward and working hard. We have a clear horizon and are constantly reinventing ourselves. We always look to the future with you and for you, while striving to achieve the best all the time.

With warmest regards.

Mesut Sancak