Saya Group HR Policies

We know well that creating a strong organizational structure that will realize the business strategies of the SAYA Group and its companies towards their goals can be achieved with the "People First" approach. This understanding forms the basis of our human resources management models and corporate culture for our employees who will carry our Group to the future.

Our HR Policy


We recruit our qualified candidates who will carry our group to the future, who are suitable for the corporate culture, and who have development potential, taking into account the values ​​of our group and the competencies of our company, with the principle of equal opportunity.

Corporate Development And Learning

Knowing the effect of creating a learning organizational culture in order to realize our business goals, we continuously improve and learn. With the awareness that our most valuable capital is our employees, we take care to create a learning organization and ensure continuity in corporate development. We provide our Change Management together with our employees with an understanding of continuous improvement.

Career Management

With a career model that will reveal the different potentials of all our employees, we primarily adopt the understanding of internal appointment by considering equal opportunity in the appointment and promotion processes within our group. In order to shape the future based on today, we carry out by integrating our corporate goals and the individual goals of our employees in a large-scale thinking program.

Performance management

By adopting the Management by Goals approach, we apply a fair and objective performance management system to give feedback to our employees on their performance and development based on business objectives.

Personal and professional development of our employees; We plan according to performance results, taking into account our corporate main strategies and goals.

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