Saya Group HR Policies

We know well that creating a strong organizational structure that will realize the business strategies of the SAYA Group and its companies towards their goals can be achieved with the "People First" approach. This understanding forms the basis of our human resources management models and corporate culture for our employees who will carry our Group to the future.

Our HR Policy


  • Candidates who have personality traits that match Saya Group values, are suitable for the corporate culture, are qualified and have development potential, join our family in line with the principle of equal opportunity.
  • Candidates' required education, experience, etc. during recruitment. In addition to their qualifications, it is essential that they have the Functional Competencies and Core Competencies of the Group required for the position they will hold.
  • Loyalty to the institution and colleagues, being able to work creatively in a busy work tempo and producing innovative ideas are among our primary criteria.
  • During the recruitment process, according to the necessity of the position; We conduct verbal and numerical ability tests, foreign language tests, assessment center (role play, case studies) applications, personality inventories, and competency-based interviews.
  • Employment of children below the working age determined by law and internationally accepted norms negatively affects their physical and psychological development, leads to the deprivation of their right to education and the exploitation of their labor. We act with social responsibility awareness to avoid employing child labor under the age of 18 in our group.
  • In order to contribute to the development of individuals preparing for working life, we organize intern programs in the summer and winter periods and provide mentoring so that they can experience a good development process.


  • We implement a fair and objective performance management system compatible with corporate goals to provide feedback on the performance and competencies of our employees based on their business goals.
  • As a result of performance evaluations, we prepare a development plan for our employees with low performance scores, support them with internal and external training and coaching, and follow their development.
  • We reward our high-performing employees and give them additional responsibilities to further support their development, enrich their work and support their development.



  • We observe a fair remuneration system that is compatible with market conditions, sensitive to the principles of equality, and based on rank structures and competencies. Based on the principle of equal pay for work of equal value, we respect and protect all the rights of employees.
  • The wages of our employees are determined during the recruitment phase, according to the job they will be assigned to, their knowledge and experience in that field, and the group's wage scale, and we inform them at the job offer phase.
  • We carry out practices and activities aimed at honoring and rewarding the achievements, behaviors and efforts of our employees and increasing their motivation. We honor and reward our employees for their exemplary attitudes and behaviors, projects or outstanding achievements in their duties.
  • We provide education scholarships for the children of our employees who are studying in undergraduate departments of state universities and meet the specified criteria.
  • We cooperate with schools and provide financial support to support the professional development of students studying in technical high schools.
  • We provide support to our employees who want to do a Master's and Doctorate, under the conditions described in the Master's/PhD Support Regulation, in order to support and contribute to their education and training efforts.


  • We attach importance to the impact of creating a learning organizational culture and support development and learning in order to achieve business goals in all our group companies.
  • In line with the basic goals and policies of our group, we carry out all training activities to increase practical and theoretical knowledge, to acquire skills, to develop behavior and attitude positively, to improve oneself and one's job, and to create value, within the framework of the principles specified in the "Education Regulation".
  • We support internal training with internal academies, train internal trainers with internal trainer schools, and establish mechanisms to encourage them to provide training.
  • We work to disseminate the training on the e-learning platform we created for our employees to increase their personal and professional knowledge and skills and to access them whenever they want.
  • We offer training and certification opportunities to support the personal and professional development of our employees in accordance with the principle of continuous learning.



  • With a career model that will reveal the potential of all our employees, we observe equal opportunity in the appointment and promotion processes in our group and primarily adopt the approach of internal appointment.
  • We know that career planning studies do not only mean promotion, but are a set of studies carried out to develop competencies and acquire new competencies, and we provide support to the career development of our employees that will improve their competencies.



  • In order to achieve our business goals and create a healthy feedback culture internally, we aim to create a learning and development environment that supports the continuous development of our current and potential leaders and offer training opportunities in this direction.
  • With the mentoring program implemented among our group companies, we enable our mentoring managers to experience and develop their leadership skills, and we support the career and personal development of the mentee.



  • We make our colleagues in our group feel valuable, we accept individual differences (nationality, gender, age, race, religion, sect, political opinion, etc.) as human resource wealth and do not allow discrimination.
  • We provide opportunities to encourage women's participation in the workforce, facilitate work/private life balance and working life, and support their development.
  • We work to increase the employment of women in managerial positions and support our female employees in recruitment and internal appointment.
  • We take into consideration the opinions, suggestions and feedback of all our employees and adopt a participatory culture.
  • We attach importance to collaborating with institutions that are egalitarian and value diversity. As a group, we act with social responsibility awareness and make our employees a part of it.



  • We strive to create and disseminate a participatory, collaborative, transparent, sincere and innovative culture where team spirit is prioritized.
  • We take care to create environments where we can come together with our employees, have fun, and improve our business and ourselves.
  • Uses an inclusive, understandable and simple language that respects differences in communication language; In our work, we aim to raise awareness by focusing on the 10 principles of the Global Compact adopted by our group.
  • We create digital communication tools and feedback environments for our employees to share their opinions and suggestions.

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