Folkart Yapı has become a company that produces "superior, new and exclusive solutions" by using technology facilities based on comfort and aesthetics for its projects that add value to life. Our company, in line with the latest construction technology in the world; It offers the projects in which the highest level of technical and engineering applications are integrated with unique architectural design lines, with an innovative quality approach based on 100% customer satisfaction.

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Superior, new and
exclusive solutions


Creative Solutions

Folkart Yapı implements the most advanced technology automation systems, which are currently actively used in the world, in harmony with creativity.

In addition, our company's security solutions and lighting automation are at the highest level. Our fire detection and notification system is equipped with the most advanced technology. The only main goal of advanced technology-based creative solutions implemented in all our projects; To facilitate the lives of our customers, to offer modern possibilities of the new comfort understanding they need in a safe and sustainable environment.

To see the technologies used by Folkart Yapı on site, you can make an appointment at 444 22 78 and visit one of the sample flats in our projects.

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