Personal Data Protection Law


          Data Controller

Under Personal Data Protection Law No: 6698 (“Law”), your personal data is processed by Folkart Yapı Sanayi Ticaret Anonim (“Folkart” or “Company”) as the data controller.

          Processing Purposes of Personal Data

Your personal data is processed for the purposes of; conducting emergency activities, Managing Information Security Process, Managing the Selection and Recruitment of Potential Employee/Trainee, Managing the Application Process of Potential Employee, Managing Employee’s Satisfaction and Loyalty Process, Fulfilling Obligations Arising from Employment Contract and Legislation for Employees,Managing other Benefits and Interest Process of  Employee, Conducting Audit / Ethical Activities, Conducting Education Activities, Managing Access Authorization, Conducting Activities under the Legislation, Managing Finance and Accounting Process, Managing Loyalty Process to Company/Product/Services, Ensuring Security of Physical Space, •          Managing Assignment Process, Managing and Pursuing Legal Affairs, Managing Internal Audit/Investigation/Intelligence Activities, Conducting Communication Activities,Planning Human Resource Process,  Conducting/Supervising Business Activities, Conducting Occupational Health / Safety Activities, Receiving and Evaluating Suggestions for Improvement of Business Process, Managing Business Continuity Activities, Managing Fiscal Service/Production, Managing After Sales Support Process of Goods / Services Managing Sale Process of Goods / Services Managing Fiscal Service/Production Process, Managing Operation Process of Goods / Services, Conducting Customer Relationship Management, Conducting Activities Related to Customer Content, Managing Organizations and Events, Managing Marketing Analysis Studies, Managing Performance Assessment Process, Managing Advertisement/Campaign/Promotion, Managing Risk Management Process, Managing Storage and Archiving Activities, Conducting Social Responsibility and Civil Society Activities, Managing Contract Process, Managing Strategic Planning Activities,   , Following Demands/Complaints, Managing Wages Policy, Managing Goods / Services / Marketing Process, Ensuring Security of Data Controller Operations , Foreign Personnel Work and Residence Permit Procedures, Managing Investment Process, Conducting Talent/Career Devolepment Activities, Giving Information to Authorized Persons, Institutions and Organizations Yönetim faaliyetlerinin yürütülmesi, Conducting Management Process, Creating and Following Visitor Records.

         Method and Cause of Action for the Collection of Personal Data

Your personal data is collected through systems such as job application forms, customer information forms, documents submitted to the company, mails and e-mails sent to the company, call center, company website, social media tools, third parties such as the persons and companies who/which our company provides service to or from, and business partners, subcontractors, companies that provide services/products and group companies, employment companies, job seeking portals, mobile applications, corporate communication accounts and devices, information systems and devices, security cameras, fingerprints and face recognition systems (only authorized persons of the company) and document-e-mail-software and GPS, OGS, TTS etc., based on one of the following cause of actions which are “it is expressly permitted by any law”, “it is necessary to process personal data of parties of a contract provided that the processing is directly related to the execution or performance of the contract”, “it is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation which the company is subject to”; “it is necessary for the institution, usage or protection of a right”; “it is manifestly made public by the data subject”; “it is necessary for legitimate interests of the company provided that the fundamental rights and freedoms of data subjects are not harmed” or your explicit consent.

         Recipients and Transfer Purposes of Personal Data

Your personal data may be transferred to shareholders, group companies, ,suppliers , natural persons or private legal entities  and authorized public institutions and organizations for the purposes of; conducting emergency ctivities, managing ınformation security process, managing the selection and recruitment of potential employee/trainee, managing the application process of potential employee, managing employee’s satisfaction and loyalty process, fulfilling obligations arising from employment contract and legislation for employees,managing other benefits and ınterest process of  employee, conducting audit / ethical activities, conducting education activities, managing access authorization, conducting activities under the legislation, managing finance and accounting process, managing loyalty process to company/product/services, ensuring security of physical space, •  managing assignment process, managing and pursuing legal affairs, managing internal audit/investigation/intelligence activities, conducting communication activities,planning human resource process,  conducting/supervising business activities, conducting occupational health / safety activities, receiving and evaluating suggestions for improvement of business process, managing business continuity activities, managing fiscal service/production, managing after sales support process of goods / services managing sale process of goods / services managing fiscal service/production process, managing operation process of goods / services, conducting customer relationship management, conducting activities related to customer content, managing organizations and events, managing marketing analysis studies, managing performance assessment process, managing advertisement/campaign/promotion, managing risk management process, managing storage and archiving activities, conducting social responsibility and civil society activities, managing contract process, managing strategic planning activities,   , following demands/complaints, managing wages policy, managing goods / services / marketing process, ensuring security of data controller operations , foreign personnel work and residence permit procedures, managing investment process, conducting talent/career devolepment activities, giving information to authorized persons, institutions and organizations yönetim faaliyetlerinin yürütülmesi, conducting management process, creating and following visitor records and is limited only by the data required for the relevant purposes.

         Rights of Data Subject under Article 11 of the Law

You may submit your requests and applications under Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law, “regulating the rights of the data subject”.

After filling in the application form on our website, you may;

  • Send your application in person with an original signature or send it to our mail address via Notary or,
  • Send your application electronically via registered electronic mail (KEP), secure electronic signature, mobile signature, or by using your e-mail address that you have previously notified to our Company and registered in our system.


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For detailed information, please see our “Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy”.

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Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy

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Information About Privacy and Personal Data Protection

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