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Social Responsibility

If an organization has based its existence philosophy on "Life" and its "Value"; It is unthinkable for people to stay away from projects aimed at improving the quality of life. Believing that every individual in the society should have an equal chance, Folkart has an understanding of social responsibility that contributes to the whole of the districts, districts and cities where it is located. Folkart, which allocates 20% of its earnings to the corporate social responsibility budget every year, supports sports, education, science and arts activities. In addition to these activities, Folkart continues its social responsibility activities with Folkart Academy and Folkart Gallery, which are sustainable brands in the social field.

Folkart Gallery Folkart Gallery


Folkart Gallery Folkart Gallery

Folkart Gallery, opened in 2015 and established on an area of ​​800 square meters; It brings art to large audiences with the contemporary and global exhibitions it organizes. Over 450,000 art lovers have visited the Folkart Gallery, which completed its third year in 2018, where all exhibitions can be visited free of charge. You can visit the website for detailed information about Folkart Gallery, where 13 exhibitions were presented to art lovers in 3 years.

Folkart Academy Folkart Academy


Folkart Academy Folkart Academy

Folkart Academy, which is keen on acting in Turkey who want to choose the acting profession, receive training in basic acting of people who want to use the instrument in their profession for the purpose of acting was founded in 2016. You can visit the website for detailed information about the Folkart Academy, which has expanded its training over time from acting to modern dance and ballet, from choir to folk dances and where many people from 7 to 77 have been trained.

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