President's Message

President's Message President's Message

We set out at Folkart with a strong claim. Our goal was not just to be first; It was to create the best, the most qualified, the most beautiful, the "universal" at the highest bar. While establishing Folkart, we were very excited about the idea of ​​sincerely rewarding the increase in prosperity in society.

We followed a dream enthusiastically, but in the end we made it livable. Folkart has grown rapidly, backed by the experience and support of our family's over 50 years of work.

The process of globalization, Europe and Turkey, which has become one of the world's most striking economy continues its rapid growth over change. This picture naturally brings a new dimension to the concept of "luxury" in our country; It has required to bring together "quality, comfort, technology, aesthetics" quartet at the highest level, on the same ground.

By combining this high expectation with "peace", we offer "the best, the most comfortable, the most qualified"; We aimed to create projects that people will share with their loved ones by blending advanced technology in the "most aesthetic" line with the changing understanding of "luxury". We proved that this can be achieved in this great adventure that led and continues to Folkart Towers.

While we are constantly preparing for new ones with our ongoing projects; While dreaming of doing projects in London and New York and aiming this through concrete plans; believes in our past knowledge; we trust ourselves, our dreams, the power we get from you.

At Folkart, our deep-rooted 'ethical' values, which we have carried from our past to the present, along with our principles; We maintain the consciousness of "honesty", "diligence", "respect for people", "development", "innovation".

Our ethical values, human awareness are integrated with our business. Therefore, we expect the same sensitivity from all our colleagues.

To provide top quality service, to contribute to our fellow travelers, to share success with our solution partners; It is one of our features that add value to us.

Our family is very big. We see you, the ones who chose us, not as customers but as part of our family, and we establish long-term relationships. Not only good structures but good neighbors; We work with all our strength to create peaceful and safe spaces.

We know that 'people deserve good things'. We are followers of beauty, comfort, peace, goodness and quality. Our family doesn't just consist of our customers. Together with our employees, suppliers and solution partners, we are both like a family and a strong and good team.

We believe that all beauties are created with love, desire and hard work. For this reason, we are moving forward by clenching together and working hard. Our horizons are very clear, we constantly renew ourselves. Together with you, for you; we always only look to the future, we always work for the better.

Love and respect,

Chairman of the Board

Mesut Sancak

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