A Unique Exhibition from Folkart Gallery

The magnificent ATATURK EXHIBITION prepared by FOLKART on the 100th anniversary of our Republic opens to visitors on October 29 at Folkart Gallery. Inspired by an unforgettable line from Nâzım Hikmet's Kuvayı Milliye Epic, the preparation took exactly seven years; The exhibition, whose Project Director is Folkart Gallery General Coordinator Fahri Özdemir, is called "A Star Flowing in the Dark: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk".

A Tribute to Our Republic

Folkart Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mesut SANCAK, stated that this very valuable exhibition, which they have been preparing for years as Folkart's Corporate Social Responsibility Project, aims to pay tribute to the 100th anniversary of our Republic and show gratitude to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Unpublished Photos

Folkart Gallery is opening a special Atatürk exhibition called "A Star Flowing in the Dark". In the exhibition, which has been a great effort to be completed for years, 150 unpublished photographs of the Great Genius Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, shared with the public for the first time in Turkey, as well as the photographs used by Atatürk, There are also many unknown objects. These objects include Atatürk's cigarette cases, walking stick, tie, etc. The photographs taken by local and foreign photographers, together with the photographs signed by Atatürk to some people, constitute the remarkable part of the exhibition.

Correspondence, Medals, Special Items

The originals of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's private correspondence, handwritten letters, medals, and telegrams at the most critical moments are among the other remarkable elements of the exhibition. The exhibition includes Atatürk's own manuscripts, the letter of his mother Zübeyde Hanım, period posters about Atatürk, documents and many period newspaper and magazine samples, as well as very special objects produced for the Republic used a hundred years ago and for Atatürk.

Showing Gratitude to Ataturk

A press launch was held for the exhibition. Speaking at the event hosted by the famous theater artist Volkan Severcan, Folkart Chairman of the Board of Directors Mesut Sancak said that as a result of the work they have done for many years, the auctions and similar initiatives they have participated in, they have the most important Atatürk Collection in Turkey and they are proud of it. Mesut Sancak stated that this exhibition titled "A Star Flowing in the Dark: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk", prepared with great effort, is to pay great respect to the 100th anniversary of our Republic and show gratitude to Atatürk.

Record Visitors Expected

Stating that 220 thousand people visited the Great Genius Gazi Mustafa Kemal exhibition opened in 2018, Sancak said that they expect 300-400 thousand people to visit the new exhibition. Sancak stated that he specifically follows how many people visit the exhibitions at Folkart Gallery and said, "As Folkart, we are happy with the number of visitors to Folkart Gallery and the interest shown, rather than numbers such as how many square meters of construction we have built, how much we have sold, how much turnover we have made."

“Let Ataturk Be Known, Be Known, Be Understood"

Sancak said, “I really want many people to visit our exhibition. Everyone should know Atatürk, see and know what he did. I want people to understand the difficult conditions under which the Republic was founded and for all of Turkey to see this adventure. Our exhibition starts from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's youth years. It is heading towards the Great Offensive and is progressing. And finally, there is the mask taken from Ataturk's face in his bed when he was old and passed away. "Especially the last piece affects me a lot," he said.

Pointing out that they have a serious collection about Atatürk and the Republic, Mesut Sancak said, “We started working to turn these works into a museum. "We want to bring a beautiful museum to Izmir in a few years," he said.

Source of Pride

Stating that the exhibition made them very excited and proud, Folkart General Manager Metin Sancak said, “As it is the 100th anniversary of our Republic, the importance of this exhibition increases exponentially. We have been working on this exhibition for years. It took 7 years to gather these works under one roof. "The works you see now are only 25 percent of the total works in our collection," he said.

Visual Integrity of Liberation

The exhibition reflects with visual integrity the great adventure between the period when the Ottoman Empire was described as the "sick man" of Europe and almost on its deathbed at the end of 1918, and the first years of the establishment of our Republic after the War of Independence, which was fought under very difficult conditions.

Voluntary Support of Collectors

Folkart Gallery also received voluntary support from Turkey's valuable Atatürk collectors for this special exhibition. This valuable exhibition, whose free presentation to the public in Izmir will end in April 2024, will appear before art lovers first in Ankara and then in Istanbul as a Folkart Production.

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