Folkart Academy Opened

The first lessons at Folkart Academy, which was implemented as a corporate social responsibility project by Folkart, were held over the weekend.

The first lesson bell rang at Folkart Academy, one of the most important pillars of Folkart's support for culture, arts and sports.

Folkart Academy has restarted its education life, which was suspended due to the pandemic. The trainees, who were selected by a lottery held in the presence of a notary among thousands of applications since the date of registration, attended their first lesson last weekend. The first lesson at Folkart Academy, where thousands of students have received free education to date, was given by the famous theater artist Volkan Severcan, who is the Project Coordinator.


At Folkart Academy, training will be provided in 3 basic areas: "Theatre", "Dance" and "Music" in the 2023-2024 Education Period. Training Areas at Folkart Academy, where the total quota is determined as 450 people; They were determined as Theater Workshop (Ages 6-14 and Ages 15+), Polyphonic Choir (Ages 15+) and Folk Dances (Ages 15+). While Theater Workshop classes started last weekend, polyphonic choir and folk dance training will continue during the week.


The first term will be between 14 October and 12 November 2023. The second term will be held between 25 November and 24 December 2023. Each semester will last 5 weeks. Different people will receive training each semester and receive a certificate at the end of the semester. There will be two separate education periods in the spring semester of 2024.

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