Folkart is in Urla

The project has started for a new living center consisting of 180 villas, where you can live in harmony with the greenery and be alone with nature, on the 202,861 square meter land that Folkart has purchased in Urla Bademler. Urla, where 4 seasons can be experienced to the fullest with its natural beauties as well as its climate specific to the region, is also very close to the gastronomic locations where the unique flavors of the Aegean can be tasted.

The project area located on the Seferihisar-İzmir Highway, which is known as İTOKENT 2 land in the public; It is located 33 km from İzmir Konak, 20 km from İzmir Narlıdere, 10 km from Güzelbahçe and 11 km from Seferihisar. A concept focused on natural life is planned for the project, which can be reached in about 30 minutes from Konak. There will also be a small amount of commercial space in the project that will meet the needs of natural life.


Folkart Chairman of the Board of Directors Mesut Sancak said the following about the project, which will have a high level of environmental awareness, in which the understanding of natural life dominates:

“We immediately rolled up our sleeves for this newly purchased land in Urla Bademler. We have started the preliminary work. It will suit beautiful Izmir; We want to build a very beautiful project. We are dreaming of a special project woven with green, in which natural and organic life is the focus. Our project, which will be decorated with olives, fruit trees and plants unique to the Aegean Region, will be a center where you can live in summer and winter, right next to İzmir.”


Pointing out that the project area can be reached after a journey that takes at most half an hour from the center of Izmir, Mesut Sancak said, “We will create a new life center in this area, which is both close to the city center and far from the density of the city. You will be able to enjoy living freely in our project area, which is 10 minutes away from Seferihisar or the beaches in Urla. We started our work for a very ambitious and special project.” he said. Mesut Sancak emphasized that they will share information on the subject from time to time.


The history of Urla dates back to 4000 BC.

Home to the ancient city of Klazomenai, the charming district is famous for its vineyards as well as olive and olive oil. Urla, where the Artichoke Festival is held, is adjacent to Çeşme, Seferihisar and Güzelbahçe. There are very private beaches and coves in the north and south of the district.


Having the title of Turkey's first "Calm City", Seferihisar stands out with its history dating back to 3000 BC. Seferihisar draws attention with its historical region Sığacık Castle, as well as Teos Ancient City. The historical castle and its narrow streets, located adjacent to the Sığacık Marina, are among the most special places in the city. In addition, Seferihisar stands out with its climate, where plants unique to the Aegean Region such as olives, olive oil and citrus fruits are grown. Seferihisar also stands out with its beautiful beaches.

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