Folkart Nova Is Up For Sale

Folkart's project in the new city center of Izmir; The sales process has started in NOVA, which will be the new symbol of luxury, quality and aesthetics in Turkey. The foundation of FOLKART NOVA, Turkey's most ambitious residence project, was laid while the meticulous ground works were completed. The turnkey delivery date of the project was determined as the end of 2024. Folkart NOVA, neighbor of Folkart VEGA, has an investment value of approximately 2 Billion TL.

The Most Ambitious Project in Its Class

Folkart, one of Turkey's leading real estate developer companies, is launching another new project in İzmir New City Center. The name of the new project that will rise on the land next to the Folkart Vega project is Folkart Nova.

Folkart's new project will be Turkey's most magnificent and assertive residence project. The turnkey date of Folkart Nova, whose ground improvement works have been completed and whose foundation has been laid, has been determined as the end of 2024.

2 Billion TL Investment Value

Folkart Chairman of the Board of Directors Mesut Sancak summarized the new project as follows:

“We are adding a new one to our 16 different projects that we have signed so far in İzmir, with the feature of being the most assertive residence project in Turkey.

Our new project is next door to Folkart Vega, which is located as one of the landmarks of Izmir. Folkart Nova, which will rise as an iconic and magnificent structure in İzmir New City Center, has an investment value of approximately 2 billion TL. 1500 people will work during its construction.”

Glorious Symbol

Folkart Nova, located in the part of the region designated as the new city center in Izmir, the shining star of the Mediterranean, designated as the Harbor Behind, will become "the address of those seeking the best, the new symbol of luxury" with its magnificent stance.

Boutique and special projects, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 3+1 duplex, 4+1; It consists of a total of 176 residential and commercial areas. In Folkart Nova, 3+1 and above residences will have an area of 150 m² to 196 m², including balconies.

Iconic Building

Folkart Nova, the address of privileged life in Izmir, one of the most popular cities in Turkey, will be an iconic 38-storey building where three towers at different heights unite in harmony. Combining the towers at different angles will preserve the panoramic view. In Folkart Nova, built on the theme of exclusivity, the surface of the building will show itself from every point with its characteristic form and material quality. Folkart Nova, which will have smart home features with its automation system, will stand out as a difference brought to city design.

Facing the City

Standing out as “A Life Oriented to the City”, Folkart Nova offers a breathtaking sea view from every point, large terraces that bring open air pleasure, interior design offering a high level of comfort, social facilities a few steps from your home, proximity to shopping and taste centers. also draws attention.

With its rich social life, the project offers a unique opportunity to live in a region that is gaining value day by day.

Total Investment of 29 Billion TL

Mesut Sancak emphasized that the construction works on Folkart Nefes Istanbul and Folkart Country Urla projects are continuing rapidly, and Folkart NOVA, which is put up for sale, will be completed by the end of 2024. Folkart Chairman of the Board of Directors Sancak stated that the construction of the project sales office and ground works are continuing in the large area purchased from the Rönesans and Tekfen partnership, and said:

“The total investment value of our projects we have realized since 2006, together with our gigantic work on one of the biggest housing projects in Turkey in the new city center of İzmir, is 29 billion TL. In the upcoming period, our NOVA and other investments will continue, respectively.”

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