Four Awards from Europe to Folkart

Folkart returned from the European Property Awards Ceremony with four major awards, two of which were European first prizes.
Folkart Nova Project and Folkart Nefes Istanbul Launch Campaign were deemed worthy of the “5 Star Winner-5 Star Award European First Place”.
Folkart was the winner of the European Property Awards Ceremony held every year. Folkart competed with European-based real estate developer companies in the competition, in which it participated with different projects, and was awarded in four categories.
Folkart, which received awards in all four categories at the award ceremony held in London, became the only brand to receive awards in four different categories at the European Property Awards Ceremony.
Reminding that they won European Property Awards in different branches with their Folkart Blu and Folkart Hills projects in Çeşme in the past years, Folkart Chairman of the Board Mesut Sancak said, “We are proud to be deemed worthy of four different awards from the European Property Awards this year. The fact that our projects and works win awards in this way shows the accuracy of the steps we take. The basis of our success is the 'trust' of our teammates, our solution partners, our stakeholders and then our valuable Folkart friends who prefer us. I would like to thank everyone who contributed and congratulate everyone.”

Those who scored more than 80 percent in each category in the European Property Awards were announced as the "Award Winner", that is, those who received the highest score, while a project with the highest score was entitled to receive the "5 Star" award. Folkart, which received awards in all categories it participated in, are as follows:
• Turkey's Best High-Rise Housing Project “Folkart Nova”: 5 Star Award European First Place
• Turkey's Best Marketing Work “Folkart Nefes Istanbul Launch Campaign”: 5 Star Award European First Place
• Türkiye Mixed Use Building “Folkart Vega”: Award Winner
• Türkiye Website “”: Award Winner Award

The winners were determined as a result of the careful examination of the portfolios submitted for the competition by the International Property Awards jury. Over 100 members with different experiences took part in the jury committee. The jury list of the competition was also announced on the website, within the framework of the organization's transparency principle:

Folkart won the "5 Star Award" in two categories in Europe, with its competitors receiving "5 Star" in the evaluations in Africa, Arabia, Asia Pacific, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America, England, and the United States, this time to become the world leader. will appear before you. After the evaluation, the "Best of the World" in each category will be announced in London on February 22, 2024.

The European Property Awards, one of the most prestigious events in the real estate sector in Europe, has been held since 2005 to encourage and reward excellence in the sector. These awards are; It honors professionals and companies that contribute to real estate development, construction, architecture, design and real estate services. The European Property Awards are backed by a rigorous evaluation process. While an independent jury evaluates the candidates; takes into account criteria such as innovation, design, sustainability and creating added value. Projects that are successful in the European Property Awards symbolize excellence in the industry and serve as a source of inspiration for future projects.

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