İzmir's Liberation Has Become A Documentary

The liberation of Izmir, one of the symbol cities of the National Struggle and occupied by the Greeks on May 15, 1919, became a documentary called "Towards Izmir: September 9".

The documentary was shot with the support of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and sponsored by Folkart, with the director of the documentary Mesut Gengeç, the general coordinator of Bülent Günal and the responsibility of the project by Yılmaz Aydın. The soundtrack of the documentary, in which dramas take place in the important scenes, is signed by Yıldıray Gürgen.

Filming Lasted 1 Year

The documentary, which took 1 year to shoot, will be broadcast with the audience in September with a special screening as part of the liberation of Izmir activities. In the documentary, which tells the historical period after a long archive work, interviews were made with the expert historian, research writer and the families of the heroes who fought for the liberation of Izmir.

The real Colonel Cevdet Gavur was Mümin

Director Mesut Gengeç pointed out that the documentary describes the epic struggle that took place in Izmir during the occupation days. Gengeç said, "In the documentary, the first bullet fired by Hasan Tahsin and what happened after it, the epic written in Ödemiş, the great story of Gavur Mümin (Mumin Aksoy), known to everyone as Colonel Cevdet, in the series Vatanım Sensin. At the same time, intelligence activities and unnamed heroes that went underground since the days of occupation also have an important place in the documentary. May 15, 1919, the black day in the history of Izmir. On that day alone, 2,000 people were martyred in Izmir, according to the report of Admiral Bristol from the United States. Documentary, that black day; He also tells about the liberation of Izmir, which opened like a poppy field on September 9 and was equipped with Turkish flags, with interviews and dramas.

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