Night Sirens Exhibition


The Night Sirens Exhibition at Folkart Gallery, which features the works of the master and leading name of Turkish literature Selim İleri and the master painter of Turkish painting Ali Kotan, has come to an end. The exhibition that two great artists started to prepare for Folkart Gallery 3 years ago, inspired by each other's works, attracted great attention.

Reflecting on the prose adventure of the master and esteemed name of Turkish literature, writer, screenwriter and critic Selim İleri, the works of master painter Ali Kotan inspired by İleri came together in the exhibition titled Night Sirens at Folkart Gallery. 85 works took place in the exhibition, which lasted for about 3 months and attracted great interest from art lovers.

One of the most valuable features of the exhibition is Ali Kotan's texts by Selim İleri; Inspired by the paintings of Ali Kotan, Selim Ileri also created joint works by mutual influence. As a Folkart Gallery production, the exhibition titled "NIGHT SIRENS", which was started by Project Director Fahri Özdemir about 3 years ago, featured descriptions of each other's works by Selim İleri and Ali Kotan, who produce in different disciplines of art.

During the exhibition preparations, Ali Kotan's paintings were sent to Selim İleri; The texts of Selim İleri were entrusted to Ali Kotan. The two masters reflected what they felt, saw and perceived in their works, by interpreting them in their own branches of art.

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