Izmir is Turkey’s center attraction with one-of-a-kind white sands, blue-flag beaches, delicious foods, and festivals.

The city, especially Çeşme, is the first place that comes to mind when planning a Turkish vacation. Each year, two million domestic and foreign tourists visit Izmir.

Thousands of tourists flock to the city every year for its festivals. The most popular among these are the Alaçatı Herbs Festival, the International Bayındır Flower Festival, the Urla Artichoke Festival, and the Izmir Theater Festival. The Wine Festival, held at the Marina in Çeşme, is another great option for those who enjoy wine tasting.

Çeşme is the home of splendid bays, such as Ilıca, Alaçatı, Paşalimanı, Ardıç, and Boyalık, and provides many surreal experiences for domestic and foreign guests looking to rest and have fun.

Seafood-focused gastronomic culture and the addition of tens of new restaurants has turned Izmir into Turkey’s flavor capital.

Izmir is home to 70,000 touristic facilities of international standards. Appealing to diverse tastes and needs, these facilities encompass a wide range of offerings, from boutique historical buildings to five-star hotels.

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