Çeşme cuisine consists mainly of herb and olive oil dishes and also features delicious fish plates.

Izmir kumrusu, mastic jam, calamari, lobster, octopus, artichoke in olive oil, lokma dessert, chicory salad, and mastic desserts are well-known items in the Çeşme cuisine, providing for an unforgettable feast.

Visitors to Çeşme get to taste remarkable dishes made with a myriad of healing herbs such as glasswort, asparagus, baby artichoke, cibez herb, sarmaşık herb, arap saçı herb, and wild radish.

Add Asma Yaprağı, Kapari Bahçe, İmren, and Veli Usta to your list of places to visit to try the dishes made with delicious Çeşme herbs and popular desserts.

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