Customer Satisfaction Policy

While we build world-class buildings that are environmentally friendly, equipped with advanced technology, with the understanding of valuing people, we adopt a customer-oriented approach in all our activities to satisfy our customers at the highest level and gain their trust and loyalty.

We see the feedback from our customers as very valuable opportunities and manage them by collecting and managing them in a secure system where the entire process can be monitored and reported.

Customer complaints we receive from different channels (e-mail, call center, site management, social media, website, etc.); The processes of perceiving, defining, analyzing, directing, producing solutions, reporting the results to the customer in the most accurate way, in accordance with the legal legislation, ISO 10002 (Complaint Management & Customer Satisfaction Standard) and our company procedures; We evaluate and manage it in line with transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, objectivity, confidentiality and all guiding principles and use this information to ensure continuous improvement.

Folkart is committed to gaining the trust of our customers and constantly improving by adhering to these principles.

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