Folkart is in the Golden League Again

Folkart was once again in the Golden League, according to the Economic Benefit Index (EFE) survey, the second of which was conducted this year as a result of the joint work of the Turkish Reputation Academy (TİA) and Yıldız Technical University (YTU) Statistics Department.

12 Thousand People Research

Folkart was among the institutions and brands that most benefited the Turkish economy and social life. According to the Economic Benefit Index (EFE) survey conducted for the second time this year by the Turkish Reputation Academy (TİA) and Yıldız Technical University (YTU) Department of Statistics, Folkart took place in the Golden League. Dozens of questions were asked in the research conducted using the Computer Assisted Telephone Dialing Method (CATI) in 26 regions and 72 provinces, which are considered to be the sample of Turkey. For the research, approximately 140,000 minutes of phone calls were made with approximately 12 thousand people. Folkart was also in the Golden League last year.


Folkart Chairman of the Board of Directors Mesut Sancak reminded that they were shown as one of the most reputable brands in the country by the Turkish Reputation Academy in 2019 and that they were also in the Golden League in the newly conducted EFE research. Sanjak said:

“Like last year, we took part in the Golden League in the EFE research led by Yıldız Technical University, which reveals the reflections of reputable companies on the economy and society. We are proud of being one of the most reliable and reputable companies in our country. We move forward with the confidence in Folkart. We will continue our efforts to be beneficial to our country's economy and society.


Field studies were completed under the academic supervision and reporting of YTU Statistics Department, and 3 different leagues were determined. According to each league, the perception depths of 30 institutions and brands that provide the most benefit to the Turkish economy and brands and institutions operating in 50 different sectors were measured. The findings and data obtained at EFE reflect in detail how well-respected brands and institutions are perceived by the public as beneficial companies for the country's economy and society, and the traces left by the management and product performances in the society.


As a result of the research conducted throughout Turkey, Folkart has become one of the companies that provide the most benefit to the country's economy. Folkart, which is in the Golden League among the 3 categories determined in the research, was at the forefront of the main indexes of the research: "Product/Service Quality Index", "Company Quality Index" and "Social Benefit Index". Folkart, which has made a name for itself with its support for culture/art, sports, education and the disabled, has become one of the brands that provide the most social benefit to society throughout the country.


According to the "Brand Awareness and Perception Research", which was prepared by an independent research institution in Izmir in the light of direct interviews with 1000 people in 2019; Folkart's brand awareness was 98.6 percent, its brand trust rate was 87.1 percent, and its recommendation level was 98 percent. Folkart was the first brand that came to mind when "Izmir" was mentioned.

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