Izmir has been a leader in international fairs since it began hosting them during the early days of the Republic. It held the first-ever fair in Turkey on February 17, 1923.

The city leads Turkey with the tens of fairs it holds, graciously welcoming guests from other cities and countries to the Fuar Izmir event.

Fuar Izmir is one of the city’s most coveted exhibition venues, featuring state-of-the-art technology to serve guests on a 330,000-m⊃2; area.

The Izmir International Fair (IIF) held at Kültür Park Exhibition area each year; the International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair (Marble), held at Fuar Izmir; the Wedding Dresses, Suits and Evening Gowns Fair (IF Wedding); and the Izmir Property and Real Estate Fair are among the world’s most important fairs.

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